Welcome to Frontier Land Inc.

Mineral Rights and Lease Negotiations

Frontier Land Inc. is a corporation engaged in the business of providing land management services to the oil and gas industry, commercial and private investment entities, banks, government organizations, and telecommunications providers.

Our jobs as a Field Landmen is to act as the middle man between a company that is wanting to buy or lease minerals and the mineral owners. 
Some of the different duties we handle are:

  • Determining who owns the mineral estate through research
  • Reviewing the status of titles and reducing title risk associated with ownership
  • Negotiation of the buying, leasing, and selling of mineral rights
  • Negotiation of the business agreements around exploration and development of mineral rights
  • Managing the rights and obligations from ownership of interests in minerals
  • Unitizing or pooling of interest in minerals

We directly oversee every project, and assign to each task sufficient qualified staff personnel who possess the skills and experience to match each client's needs. We utilize, under close supervision, independent landmen on an "as needed" basis to provide range and depth for land title services, negotiations and acquisitions.

Title Research & Examinations

Title Research

Quick, "concise land" title examinations and reports from inception. Our expertise includes work in platted townsites, private, state, federal and tribal lands, and river lands with accretion and riparian rights.

Property Appraisal

Property Appraisal

Developed and undeveloped energy related property sales, appraisals and fair market value reports. Experienced in the marketing and disposition of exploration and development drilling deals, seismic prospects and lease plays to industry partners and investors.

Secondary Recovery


Since 1978 our associations have provided land management assistance to the oil and gas industry in the formulation and implementation of water floods, gas re-pressurization projects and other enhanced recovery operations.

Government Compliance

Experienced in the preparation and acquisition of communitization agreements involving Federal and Indian lands and lease acquisitions.