Leasing or Buying Mineral Rights?

Are you looking for a general investment in mineral rights?  Or is there a certain property you are interested in specifically?  Which would be better for you, buying or leasing mineral rights?  How much risk are you willing to take on? You need to know the answer to those questions as it will determine the best way for you to move forward. 

There are 5 top minerals that are consistently mined; oil and gas, gold, copper, diamonds and coal.  In the United States, oil and gas are top producers in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, North Dakota, Alaska, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Louisiana and Wyoming.  Typically, mineral rights in the U.S are mostly focused on these.  Knowing what minerals you are looking for will help you narrow down where to look.

There are five simple ways to invest in mineral rights ownership:

  1. Stocks in Oil Companies
  2. Working Interest Partner in a Drilling Program
  3. Existing working interest in a lease
  4. Stock in royalty trusts
  5. Oil and gas royalties direct from mineral owners

If there is a specific property you are interested in owning mineral rights:

  1. Research the mineral rights ownership
  2. Make an offer to buy
  3. Draw up the mineral rights agreement
  4. Draw up a mineral rights lease or purchase

Working with Frontier Land on buying or leasing mineral rights:

  1. We will research finding potential sellers
  2. Solicit potential sellers with an offer
  3. Answer questions from both sellers and buyers
  4. Perform due diligence
  5. Send mineral deeds and paperwork to sellers
  6. File the deeds with the county courthouse once papers are signed